Top 6 Baby Products

It’s not always easy to buy the right baby product. There are so many of them that it’s hard to find out that present or cute accesorie that is just right for your baby. In this article we have selected 6 of the cutest and most original baby products.


1. Wooden Shoes

These wooden shoes are made from….. wood! The authentic Dutch wooden clog has been completely revamped and redesigned to match the cute wardrobe of your kid. These clogs are not only great to wear but make a fantastic accesorie and one of the best selling baby products too.


2. Blue duck

This cuddly blue duck wants to be friends with everyone! Different kinds of fabric and patterns make this the new best friend of your kid.


3. Romper suit “Stoer”

This baby romper suit is a Lief! classic. The fabric is ever so soft and your baby will look cuter than ever in this blue or pink striped romper suit. This one has the text: “Stoer” on it which means “Tough” in English. One of the bestselling baby products.


4. Baby products: Windmill Coat Rack

Hanging your kids’ coat, shirts or sweaters on this windmill coat rack will be so much more fun. Let them do it theirselves when they grow up, your kid will have its own little coat rack. Plus the coat rack is a great addition to any interior. The mills are playsafe since you can spin them.

5. Pictureframe

What is better than looking at your sweet baby all day and trying to keep him in that cute position he was just in 5 minutes ago? Well, to make a picture of your baby at just the right moment and frame that picture in this fantastic wooden photoframe! The frames are 12 centimeters deep which makes them perfect for putting little accesories on top of the frame itself. One of the top kids furniture products.


6. Rabbit Bib baby product

This terry cloth Bib solves two common mealtime problems. First, it covers the baby’s chest and if you’re lucky it could stop food from spilling on their clothes. Secondly it makes mealtime more enjoyable with the happy bunny. This bid has press buttons in the neck for easy fixing.