Kids furniture is not just for kids

Would it not be great to buy kids furniture that you, as a parent, like too? Now you can with the Lief! Lifestyle furniture collection. We don’t just offer your basis strollers and cribs but have some pretty awesome looking pieces of furniture, all inspired bu Dutch classic designs. The kids furniture is made to last, all of it is made from high quality wood. We all know plastics are durable too, but nothing can beat good old natural wood.


Wood is the material that is used since ages, and only wood can give your furniture that sustainable look to last a lifetime. When Lief! started to design clothing and furniture we mainly focussed on moms and their kids, later on we saw that your house deserves to look great and that our furniture is not just for the kids room. Our furniture designs are unique since they can be used throughout the house and can be combined endlessly with all sorts of blankets and accesories.