Guide on How to choose the perfect nappy bags

Nappy bags, also kown as diaper bags are great as an accesorie and the best ones are big enough to store all things you might need for yourself and your bay. Just like with anything in life, if you start using a diapar bag, you don’t directly realize what features you want. Later on you discover what features are important to you. Let me share my experiences with you in this article.


At the baby shower i got two diaper bags, i started using one and dumped the other one. Weeks later i got a third nappy bag, started using it for a few days (packing/ unpacking) and almost immediately stopped using it again.


What was the problem here? Did i have some natural resistence to parenting baby bags? Why was it so hard to buy that great bag that would last until my baby became a toddler? I did not look for a designer nappy bag, nor did i persist to look for a cheap diaper bag also it was not necessary to get a leather bag (fake leather is fine to me). In other words, i don’t think my demands where that crazy. So what was i doing wrong here?


Well first of all, the size. All bags i got where more like handbags than suitable to store my pampers in plus an assortment of baby products, and since i like to look good myself i would also need some of my own make-up, cream etc.


Secondly, like it is not bad enough that most nappy bags do not even have enough space for 1 diaper and a lipstick, the storage compartments do not make any sense.


Thirdly, maybe the least important. Some nappy bags are designed purely for babies. But the baby does not have to carry that bag, so i would go for something you like. There are plenty of designs out there.


Concluding: combine functionality with a great design and make sure the bag is big enough!

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