4 Tips for buying at online Baby stores

Baby stores are popping up everywhere. But how do you know which ones are best to order from and why you should pick just that one baby store? Lief! Lifestyle is not only a baby story but has a full range of products available for kids, babies and their parents.


Does the baby store offer Hassle free returns?

Orderling online can be a little bit risky. Sometimes you don’t know what the product really looks like and the size comes out different than expected. Lief! has an easy refund and returns policy, just give us a call and we will issue a return number.


Does the baby store offer Safe payment?

You wouldn’t want your payment data to be out there for anyone, right? Lief! offers secure payment, your data is encrypted for safe ordering.


Are you supporting the wellbeing of other babies?
What is better than just buying products from a baby store? Buying baby products and making the world a better place to live in! With every purchase you make from the Lief! Lifestyle online shop, you are helping to support Orange Babies, a charity organisation in Africa to help HIV-infected women and their babies.


Do the products make you happy?

Our products are designed to make you and your baby smile. Which other brands put the joy of their customers first?