3 Unique pieces of baby and kids furniture

Baby furniture can be extremely standardized. Many of them are mady of plastic and they often have the same bright colours and are similarly designed. Not at Lief! Lifestyle. We offer some of the most unique pieces of baby furniture of the world. In this article 3 pieces of baby furniture you cannot miss.


Lief! Blackboard

A blackboard is an all-time classic. The chalk board is amazig to write on, but can also be used as little wall mounted side table. On top of that you can hang coats or mittens.

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Lief! Kids Stool

This stool is more than just an item to sit on. It is designed to give your house that special old-dutch look. The design is inspired by those little stools from the past. The stool has a modern fuchsia, cobalt or white finish. This piece of baby furniture not only looks natural but is natural too, since it is made from wood!

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Lief! Birdhouse

A birdhouse you say? Not really. This birdhouse looks like a cute little house for birds but is actually a coathanger and mini cupboard! If you let your fantasy really go wild you could always insert some baby birds, but isn’t it more useful to just hang your kids coat and place your keys in there?

Check out this piece of kids furniture here >>